Three Days Grace – One-X

New week, new album.

This week Allie picked the album we will be trying out.

Allie says:

This CD is one I haven’t actually listened to yet, but it’s not too late, it’s never too late (hint). Anyway, word is it’s pretty tight. So listen up and tell me what you think.

Three Days Grace's One-X

Three Days Grace's One-X

You can find the lyric’s HERE

After you give it a spin, post what you think here.

  • Terance

    I recognized a couple of the songs. It was alright, I would not buy it……I don’t really like screaming the words of the songs.

  • MizCheezy

    I wasn’t completely impressed either. I hadn’t heard the song before but by the end I felt like I knew the lyrics. I didn’t dislike it, but it doesn’t make my top ten.

  • Mr Arn

    Let me start off by saying I liked the album. Didn’t find it that easy to relate to most of the songs about heart ache and break ups, but that’s because I’ve been in a stable relationship for almost 25 years.. However if I let my mind drift back to feelings of heartache and anguish the songs, not only spoke to me, but expressed some of my own feelings about those events. The song “Riot” seemed perfect–listening to it evoked rioting in my mind, the music and words were a call to go crazy and release frustration.

    It’s a rock album, with hard driving music and lyrics, even though I found it a little dark–thumbs up from me.

  • veggirl

    I was really surprised that Allie picked this CD! It was really rock and pretty intensely emo-grungy. Allie I didn’t know you were getting down with that kind of angst! I thought the CD was okay, although I thought they were medioacre for that type of music. The only song I really liked was the animal in me one. I could put that song on a work out mix and get pumped!

  • AllieAwesome

    In response to Bonnie: I chose this CD because someone at school STRONGLY recommended it. My thought was that anyone that committed had to have a reason. So I chose this expecting it to blow my mind. The truth is that I think they truly exaggerated. Don’t expect me to be emo any time soon. ;)

  • Tom Manny

    Their lead singer was just getting off drugs and out of rehab when he wrote the songs here. It is supposed to be their dark album. This was close to something that I could listen to, but the lyrics were just too simple and riddled with cliches. There are whole songs of cliches. The cd is really well polished, but I didn’t like much else about it. I like a lot of hard rock and dark stuff, but didn’t feel this one.
    “The world will never be what I expected and if I don’t belong who would have guessed it?” I could definitely echo that sentiment
    My favorite track was Never Too Late. I wasn’t crazy about it, but I always feel the duality.
    2/5 from me.