Star Trek -2009

Just watched Star Trek.

Star Trek

Star Trek

Guess you could easily call me a fan of Star Trek. I’ve seen every TV show, movie and read hundreds of the books. Was worried that I wouldn’t like this movie, that was not the case. The characters were just younger versions of the original crew that I loved as a kid. This film holds to the Star Trek formula —great effects, lots of action and never takes it’s self too seriously.  One last thing, couldn’t believe how much the new Spock looked like a young Leonard Nimoy.  Wonder if he can sing “The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins” any better.

  • veggirl

    I don’t know about liking it dad. I did think young Spock was kind of hot but that was the best part of the movie. So now since they changed history can they just rewrite everything that has happened and go forward from there. I mean they blew up the planet of Vulcan!