The Life Of Chris Gaines

This week it’s Teri’s turn and she has picked—“The Life Of Chris Gaines”

Life of Chris Gaines

Life of Chris Gaines

In… The Life of Chris Gaines was a way for Garth Brooks to play rock music without directly putting his country credibility on the line. This is a  fictional greatest-hits album  in which Brooks assumes the role of a Australian-born pop singer.

Teri said:

“I love Garth Brooks, but this CD is completely not his typical country rock.  It is really fun!”

  • Mr Arn

    Most of the songs on this album reminded me of Air Supply-Bread-Loggins & Messina–tight, light rock, love songs. The most intriguing thing about this album is who made it and when he made it. Brooks does have talent.

    My favorite song was “White Flag”, which sounded just like “John Waite” from the 80’s and it’s also a song I can identify with. “Right Now” was interesting and different from the rest so it get a thumbs up from me as well.

    Can listen to Pop/Love/Rock, but it’s not something that makes my MP3 player.

    4/10–it’s well made and Brooks shows amazing range-But only one song would make my play list.

  • veggirl

    Well I finally got some time to listen to this! I have to say that I am not a big fan of country but I do like Garth Brooks. His songs are well written and I like his voice, and he seems like a nice guy in real life. That being said I wish we could have heard one of his country alblums cause that is where I think he feels more authentic and talented. I liked the songs that sounded more country like “It don’t matter to the sun” and “that’s the way I remember it”.

  • MizCheezy

    This CD was interesting… There were some songs I enjoyed. One that stands out in my head is “Right Now”. I liked the beat and pace of the music and the lyrics made me think. I’m glad I listened to this CD, but I wouldn’t but this in my mp3 player.

  • Tom Manny

    So why does this Australian Chris Gaines sound so twangy. If I didn’t know better I would swear he’s from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Strange… I agree with Chuck. Sounds like Babyface meets 98 Degrees meets Rascal Flatts. I think I just don’t like the genre.

    Right Now definitely is different. Reminded me of an amateur’s It’s the End of the World as We Know it. by R.E.M. Country singers do have the ability to tell a good story, and Diggin’ for Gold tries, but it just lacks the wit and poignancy of other country.

    If I had to pick one song, I would go with Right Now. Although I really prefer the Youngbloods’ version. Hey I am a brother hugging smiling on hippy. I guess I can’t help it.

    “Maybe it’s the… Maybe it’s the….” from Right Now. I agree with the point here in these lines that maybe it’s just being human. It’s human perspective through which we perceive flaws and through being human that we create flaws.