Nine Inch Nails — With Teeth

This week it’s Tom’s turn and he has picked Nine Inch Nails — With Teeth

Nine Inch Nails --- With Teeth

Nine Inch Nails --- With Teeth

Tom didn’t say why he picked this album.

The album was released in 2005 by Nine Inch Nails, NIN is not really a group as it’s only got one official member-Trent Reznor. While I’ve got several other NIN albums, never heard this one.

You can find the lyric here.

  • Terance

    ‘Don’t they write any happy songs? These guys seem really depressed! They definitely need to go into rehab. I couldn’t get into this album, but different strokes for different folks!

  • Mr Arn

    Let me start with “The Hand That Feeds”–It brought to my mind, Hitler and what would my reactions had been living in Germany during that time. Then when I found out it was influenced by 9/11, it made me love the song.

    Also knowing that the album’s lyrics are about Reznor’s relationship with the world around him as he struggled with addiction made a difference to me. Take the song “With Teeth”—-“She comes along–She gets inside–She makes you better than anything you’ve tried”—this song is not about a women. It’s about drugs/addiction–with teeth.

    Really enjoyed the music/ it was angry, but fighting addiction is a battle.
    Liked it—-7/10

  • Tom Manny

    This is one of my favorite albums. I like so much about it. I love rocking out to it and just listening to it. It strikes a strong cord with me. Here are my favorites:

    All the Love in the World – It starts with a guy looking at life from a perspective of ants crawling on the ground and their order. Then the piano hits and he thinks that there isn’t order. Random people have all the love. Bonnie showed me how it is like a remark of his own celebrity.

    The Hand That Feeds – It takes a lot of courage to go against the grain. Living a life of comfort and excess is hard to turn away. On top of that, it goes against the proclamations of those in touch with divine forces.

    Everyday is Exactly the Same – Title says it all. We are rat racers who have lost a lot of perspective. And getting out is damn near impossible. The inability does breed some self contempt.

    Only – This is my favorite to rock out to. The lyrics are way abstract and I am not sure of their meaning. To me it’s like getting completely lost in your own thoughts as you try to understand everything in your realm.

    Sunspots – Self destructive drug abuse. He loves the flame of his mistress and just wants to burn the rest of him in it. He then looks back and sees he has actually burned his future or hope. The image of staring into the sun is so perfect. Her allure consumes him; the brightness overwhelms his life, and then it blinds him.

    Right Where it Belongs – We build our security cages with the bland order of our lives. I like the agnosticism here where we cannot know what is real or a dream. The illusion is our own strange way of life and not knowing anything is real anyway.

    5/5 every time from me. I think Reznor may also be vegetarian/vegan, so I have to like him even more.
    “Peel off our skin. We’re gonna burn what we were to the ground. F*** in the fire and spread all the ashes around. I wanna kill away the rest of what’s left and I do. Yes, I do.” from Sunspots. That is my favorite line and I just like the image and feel what he’s talking about.

  • MizCheezy

    I liked….
    All the Love in the World – This song speaks to me because sometimes it just seems like the world favors some people. Why do YOU get all the love in the world? You may know it’s not true but you can’t help but feel it. Like your voice isn’t heard sometimes….
    The Hand That Feeds- I understand what he’s saying. Are you gonna go with the crowd or not? Another feeling I think we all have sometimes.
    Everyday is Exactly the Same- I feel like this is America…. or maybe just me, sometimes it’s just the same in an unpleasing way.
    I’d say those are my top three
    Over all I agree with the 7/10 it did have some good songs;)

  • veggirl

    Alright I am finally getting to my comments! I didn’t think that I would like this CD but it surprised me. Right where it belongs and Every day is exactly the same are two of my favorite songs. They challenge us to look closely at our lives and guide us towards the uncomfortable realization that life may be nothing more then a monotnious futility where optimism and joy are constructs, illusions our minds create to keep us waking up day after day. It sounds sad, but I think there is a strength that can come from being honest about what is really around us. About half of the songs rock a little hard for my taste but I would say I like the CD overall.