Bonnie and Tom wanted me to watch this movie.

Brüno (2009) did make me laugh, but I’m not sure how I feel about it.



Is the movie one giant fag joke? I’m afraid it is.  However it also made fun of those that think gays can be made straight.  Ron Paul and Paula Abdul’s reactions in Brüno are hilarious –(were they real?).

Brüno brings a new meaning to the term “swinging  dick”.

05/10—found some of the humor offensive (but also funny)

  • Tom Manny

    I am glad you posted a movie that I have in my database. I really liked Bruno. I laughed the entire way through. The stereotypes didn’t offend me. For some reason I guess I feel like they are protected by being in a comedy. I didn’t feel that it bashed homosexuals. A champagne bottle up a man’s bottom is not necessarily funny, but it triggers a range of responses from the range of taboos instilled in each of us. I did not find any of the imagery to be offensive, but for the majority of people around us, these are big time taboos. when you have someone laying it all right in front of everyone, whether it was the audience or, more often, the bystander in the clip, I thought was amazing. That takes such guts to go against the grain so hardcore and not even be a homosexual. I also really like that particular sense of humor. 5/5 from me.

  • veggirl

    How did it offend you! You are getting old! The funniest thing about the movie is that all the responses are real and the actor is a very dapper Englishmen. So dad, like what would you do if a homosexual was attacking you with two dildos?

  • “homosexual was attacking you with two dildos”—that’s just it—why would a homosexual attack me with two dildos. It’s the use of the worst stereotyping for a few laughs that I found offensive.