My Sister’s Keeper

A tear jerking movie that was released this year. Staring Abigail Breslin,Sofia Vassilieva Cameron Diaz, Alec Baldwin, and Evan Ellingson.

This movie was based on a novel by Jodi Picoult. Anna Fitzgerald’ sister has had cancer since a young age. She was “engineered” to have her sister’s exact blood type. She was used for many extreme surgeries including bone marrow transplant at 11 years old and was getting ready to give her sister, Kate, a kidney. She goes to a lawyer for the rights to her own body. If her sister doesn’t get the kidney…she will die, and Anna knows this. The story is told through the points of view of the entire family, including the lawyer. This movie shows how one sickness effected the entire family. It made me cry throughout the movie, but I still think it was over all a good movie. 9/10.