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A Thunder of Drums (1961)

A Thunder of Drums was directed by Joseph Newman more noted for directing episodes of  Twilight Zone than for his movies. “A Thunder of Drums” shows the bad aspects of Cavalry life at a small isolated outpost in Arizona. The commander (Richard Boone) of this post his lots of problems, but knows his job. Enter […]

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All I Desire (1953)


Douglas Sirk directs “All I Desire”, it’s one of his melodramas of the 1950’s. The movie is about Naomi Murdock (Barbara Stanwyck) a showgirl who left her family many years earlier, she returns to her hometown to see her daughter in a school play. The story is simple, yet it holds your interest with good […]

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Advance to the Rear (1964)

Advance to the Rear was directed by George Marshall, very few of Marshall’s films are known today. Destry Rides Again and The Sheepman are two movies that a western fan might remember. Advance to the Rear is set in the Civil war. After a botched attack, every Union army misfit and reject are sent to […]

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Abilene Town (1946)


Abilene Town is directed by Edwin L. Marin, Marin directed several Scott’s westerns in his career.  Abilene Town is in all ways a Randolph Scott western. Scott is the Sheriff of Abilene, working to tame the cow town. Scott has two girls chasing him,  Saloon singer Ann Dvorak and storekeeper’s daughter Rhonda Fleming.  The conflict […]

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