Killers (2010)

Killers was directed by Robert Luketic, he also directed “Win a Date with Tad Hamilton! (2004)”, “Monster Inlaw (2005)” and his biggest hit to date “Legally Blonde (2001)”.



After a break-up Jen Kornfeldt (Katherine Heigl) travels to Nice with her parents (Tom Selleck and Catherine O’Hara). In the hotel elevator she meets Spencer (Ashton Kutcher) who is on his way to plant a bomb. It’s love at first site for the cautious Jen and spontaneous spy Spencer.

He quits his job killing people and marries Jen, three years later, after they areĀ  settled into their new normal life Spencer’s old boss contacts him and everything goes crazy.

The movie provided me with a couple of laughs, but the acting was almost as weak as the plot.

If you liked Luketic other movies, you should give this one a try, for everybody else I’d pass —04-10