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10 to Midnight (1983)


10 to Midnight (1983) was directed by J. Lee Thompson.  J. Lee Thompson, was an English film director, his biggest international hit was the “The Guns of Navarone”.  Thompson also directed two of the Planet of the Apes films (Conquest of the Planet of the Apes and Battle for the Planet of the Apes). Warren […]

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13Hrs (2010)


13Hrs  (2010) was made in the United Kingdom and was directed by Jonathan Glendening. It a low budget movie and from what I read– shot in 6 weeks. Sarah Tyler (Isabella Calthorpe) returns home from America to visit her troubled family, something she has put off for some time. After greeting her father she heads […]

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Gator Bait (1974)


Gator Bait (1974) was written, produced, and directed by Beverly Sebastion and Ferd Sebastion. Gator Bait was considered a cult classic by some, it spawned Gator Bait II is 1988. Gator Bait follows Desiree (Playboy  “Playmate of the Year” Claudia Jennings) who lives deep in the swamp with her family and hunts Gators and deadly […]

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I Love You Too (2010)


I Love You Too (2010) is an Australian romantic comedy directed by Daina Reid. It’s Reid’s first shot at directing a film. Jim (Brendan Cowell) just can’t make a commitment to his girlfriend of three years, Alice (Yvonne Strahovski).  In frustration she considers taking a job in England and leaving him for good. After a […]

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