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Lost Continent (1951)

Lost Continent (1951) was directed by Saml Neufeld. Neufeld was a renowned  “B” movie directer that did over 250 movies. Major Joe Nolan (CesarRomero) leads a search in the South Pacific for a lost atomic rocket that went off course. As they fly over an island a strange force causes their plane to crash. Native girl points then to […]

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Foolproof (2003)

Foolproof (2003) was directed by Williams Phillips a Canadian film director and screenwriter. Kevin (Ryan Reynolds), Sam (Kristin Booth) and Rob (Joris Jarsky) for fun do theoretical heists. One of their plans is taken and used by a gangster. After the real heist, the gangster blackmails them into pulling off a real heist. Not top notch action adventure, […]

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