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Santee (1973)


Santee (1973) was directed by Gary Nelson, Nelson started in Tv and moved to movies. He directed five films, including Disney’s “The Black Hole”. Jody Deakes (Michael Burns) joins his outlaw father after his mothers death. Jody’s father is running from Santee (Glen Ford) a bounty hunter. Santee kills Jody’s father and Jody follows him hoping to take […]

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Dear America: Letters Home from Vietnam


Dear America: Letters Home from Vietnam was directed and produced by Bill Couturie. Couturie is best known for the Academy Award-winning documentary “Common Threads: Stories from the Quilt”.  Dear America was a multi-Emmy Award winner. The movie uses real letters written by US soldiers for it’s narration.  The film is archive footage, together they convey the personal experiences of the men and women that served in Vietnam. […]

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San Quentin (1937)

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San Quentin (1937) was directed by Lloyd Bacon. Bacon directed numerous movie’s for Warner Brothers in the 1930s and 40s. Captain Stephen’ Jameson (Pat O’Brien) regular army is sent to  San Quentin to become the top prison guard. He so good at handling men the warden feels he can turn the prison around. He falls for May (Ann […]

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