The Forever War

The Forever War is a 1974 science fiction novel by Joe Haldeman.

Forever WarWilliam Mandella a young student, is drafted by the United Nations Exploratory Force to save mankind from the Taurans. The Taurans are an alien species that are apparently attacking human colonists’ ships. Each draftee is the brightest and best of their generation.  While traveling the soldiers don’t experience time like those on planets, so the farther they travel the more into the future they move.

It’s a book about young people getting drafted and sent off to fight. Then those that survive coming home to place they no longer understand.  Unable to cope they end up returning to the fighting, knowing it’s suicide. In the book Haldman explores several ways that mankind might change. In one he has man embracing  homosexuality and punishing heterosexuals to control the  population.

Overall I enjoyed the book, it kept me entertained and it never seemed to bog down. There were no surprises and the ending was easy to predict. I’m shocked they haven’t made this book into a movie — evil aliens, war, space travel and a love story.