Little Big Man

Little Big Man was released in 1970. It was directed by Arthur Penn and based novel by Thomas Berger. The movie opens with 121 year old Jack Crabb (Dustin Hoffman) getting ready to tell his life story.

The story starts with a young Jack and his sister being save by a Sioux warrior and then he raised by him. After leaving the tribe Jack becomes a conman,  gunslinger, store keeper and scout for the army. He sees Wild Bill die and is at the at Little Big Horn with Custer.

This movie is both funny and sad, we are shown with Jack’s life story the destruction of the Sioux. The Sioux are depicted as caring loving people not the murdering savages seen in most westerns. Old Lodgeskins (Chief Dan George) is a wise and very forgiving chief, he’s is the real hero of this story.

This movie had an impact on me as a teen and still does today,  it’s a great classic movie.