Olympus Has Fallen

  Olympus Has Fallen was released is 2013. The movie was directed by Antoine Fuqua. Former Special Forces U.S. Army Ranger Mike Banning (Gerard Butler) is Secret Service agent that falls out of favor for an event over which he had no control over. When the White House is attacked by a well armed group of terrorist Banning becomes the only […]

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Lost Continent (1951)

Lost Continent (1951) was directed by Saml Neufeld. Neufeld was a renowned  “B” movie directer that did over 250 movies. Major Joe Nolan (CesarRomero) leads a search in the South Pacific for a lost atomic rocket that went off course. As they fly over an island a strange force causes their plane to crash. Native girl points then to […]

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Foolproof (2003)

Foolproof (2003) was directed by Williams Phillips a Canadian film director and screenwriter. Kevin (Ryan Reynolds), Sam (Kristin Booth) and Rob (Joris Jarsky) for fun do theoretical heists. One of their plans is taken and used by a gangster. After the real heist, the gangster blackmails them into pulling off a real heist. Not top notch action adventure, […]

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The 25th Hour (1967)


The 25th Hour (1967) was directed by French director Henri Verneuil. Johann Moritz(Anthony Quinn) lives in a small village in Romania with his loving wife. Local police sergeant has Moritz sent to a work camp as a Jew, so he can try and sleep with his wife. After a couple of years he escapes with […]

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