The Iceman

The Iceman was released in 2012 and was directed by Ariel Vromen.  The movie is based on the life of Mafia hit-man Richard Kuklinski (Michael Shannon). The movie  is a hard look at cold emotionless sociopath and killer.   We are outsider’s looking into Kuklinski life, but not into his thoughts. He’s like a wild animal, unpredictable except […]

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Daydream Nation

Who: Kat Dennings, Josh Lucas Rating: 7.5/10- would watch again Sentence Sum Up:A story of a city girl gone small town who seduces her English teacher, but falls in love with a stoner classmate. What I liked/What stood out: In the movie there is a scene where the main character gets called a slut. Her […]

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The Guilt Trip

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  The Guilt Trip was directed by Anne Fletcher  and released in 2012. The movie stars Barbra Streisand and Seth Rogen, they also were both executive producers on the film. I found this movie akin to finger nails scraping across a chalkboard. Streisand’s character whines and nags for the entire movie. This movie is not very funny […]

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Santee (1973)


Santee (1973) was directed by Gary Nelson, Nelson started in Tv and moved to movies. He directed five films, including Disney’s “The Black Hole”. Jody Deakes (Michael Burns) joins his outlaw father after his mothers death. Jody’s father is running from Santee (Glen Ford) a bounty hunter. Santee kills Jody’s father and Jody follows him hoping to take […]

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