Attack on Leningrad (2009)


“Attack on Leningrad” is an English film, written and directed by Aleksandr Buravsky. It’s 1941 and the German have surrounded Leningrad. They plan to destroy the city by cutting off the food and starving it’s millions of residents. Enter Kate Davis (Mira Sorvino) a British war corespondent that gets trapped in Leningrad. Forced into hiding, […]

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Centurion (2010)


Centurion is a British film written and  directed by Neil Marshall. Marshall also wrote and directed “The Descent (2005)” and “Dog Soldiers”. The “Centurion” (Michael Fassbender) is sent in with the ill-fated Ninth Legion to Caledonia to destroy the Picts.  Instead it’s the Legion that gets destroyed and the Centurion leads a small group trying […]

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The Alamo (1960)


The Alamo was one of two films directed by John Wayne the other was “The Green Berets (1968) “.  “In the Alamo, Wayne really goes all out to portray all-American heroes, fighting for freedom. While the Alamo seems like a historical film about the famous battle, it has nothing to do with history.  The historians […]

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The Glory Guys (1965)


The Glory Guys (1965)  screenplay was written by Sam Peckinpah and directed by Arnold Laven.  Laven spent more than 30 years as a director of episodic television, the main stay of his career.  He got his start during World War II in the U.S. Army’s First Motion Picture Unit. The movie is fictionalized Western based […]

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