Dear America: Letters Home from Vietnam


Dear America: Letters Home from Vietnam was directed and produced by Bill Couturie. Couturie is best known for the Academy Award-winning documentary “Common Threads: Stories from the Quilt”.  Dear America was a multi-Emmy Award winner. The movie uses real letters written by US soldiers for it’s narration.  The film is archive footage, together they convey the personal experiences of the men and women that served in Vietnam. […]

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36 Hours (1965)


36 Hours (1965) was directed by George Seaton.  Seaton wrote and directed the classic Miracle on 34th Street (1947). Major Jefferson Pike (James Garner)knows the plans for D-Day, he  is sent to Lisbon to check with a German double agent he has recruited. In Lisbon Pike is drugged and captured by the Germans.  They fly […]

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The 25th Hour (1967)


The 25th Hour (1967) was directed by French director Henri Verneuil. Johann Moritz(Anthony Quinn) lives in a small village in Romania with his loving wife. Local police sergeant has Moritz sent to a work camp as a Jew, so he can try and sleep with his wife. After a couple of years he escapes with […]

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When Soldiers Cry (2010)


When Soldiers Cry (2010) was written and directed by Joe Black.  Thankfully his only effort so far. It’s 1965 and two soldiers are fighting for their lives in Vietnam. Both are thinking of home (flashbacks). This move is so bad it was funny for a little while. The acting was so wooden, my wife was […]

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