Olympus Has Fallen


Olympus Has Fallen was released is 2013. The movie was directed by Antoine Fuqua.

Former Special Forces U.S. Army Ranger Mike Banning (Gerard Butler) is Secret Service agent that falls out of favor for an event over which he had no control over. When the White House is attacked by a well armed group of terrorist Banning becomes the only man that can prevent the total destruction of the United States from it’s own nuclear arsenal.

This movie is “Die Hard” at the White House, it has several very similar events. Assault group trying to come in from the roof, traitor that helps the bad guys and a scene where the hero talks to the bad guy on the radio (only now it’s a cell phone).

If you enjoyed the “Die Hard” movies, then give this film a try. This one takes itself more seriously so it not as funny on purpose. We still laughed at the movie, but I don’t think that’s what the director was going for.

I give it a 3


Little Big Man

Little Big Man was released in 1970. It was directed by Arthur Penn and based novel by Thomas Berger. The movie opens with 121 year old Jack Crabb (Dustin Hoffman) getting ready to tell his life story.

The story starts with a young Jack and his sister being save by a Sioux warrior and then he raised by him. After leaving the tribe Jack becomes a conman,  gunslinger, store keeper and scout for the army. He sees Wild Bill die and is at the at Little Big Horn with Custer.

This movie is both funny and sad, we are shown with Jack’s life story the destruction of the Sioux. The Sioux are depicted as caring loving people not the murdering savages seen in most westerns. Old Lodgeskins (Chief Dan George) is a wise and very forgiving chief, he’s is the real hero of this story.

This movie had an impact on me as a teen and still does today,  it’s a great classic movie.


Daydream Nation

Who: Kat Dennings, Josh Lucas

Rating: 7.5/10- would watch again

Sentence Sum Up:A story of a city girl gone small town who seduces her English teacher, but falls in love with a stoner classmate.

What I liked/What stood out: In the movie there is a scene where the main character gets called a slut. Her reply is as follows: “Okay, let’s just say that I have banged forty guys. What’s the problem? You’re just jealous because you’ve been, ah, brainwashed by puritanical assholes who think sex is a sin. But then again, your, ah, little gerbil-sized brain has been reprogrammed by the media to believe that sex is the be-all, end-all. So now you’re stuck, right? ‘Cause on the one hand you love to fuck, but afterwards you feel overwhelmed by guilt & you’re not sure why. Maybe it’s because sex is neither as good or as evil as you’ve built it up to be.” …”Jenny, seriously, listen to me! The highlight of your entire life is gonna be your yearbook photo. You are already nostalgic for shit that has not even happened yet ’cause you have so precious little to look forward to. You’re gonna spend the first half of your life planning your wedding & you’re gonna spend the second half regretting it. & if I were you – & thank god I’m not , ’cause you have terrible hair – I would stop & I would reconsider your whole value system, because everything you know is wrong.”

I’ve seen those caps all over tumblr, but those caps don’t say what goes on later in the movie. When Caroline repeats her “the highlight of your life will be your high school yearbook photo” Thurston calls her shit and mentions that those people will go on to have kids and live lives and aren’t so easily dismissed as lame because they are something she’s not.

Caroline thinks of herself as all these things but in reality it’s complicated and she doesn’t believe everything she says necessarily.

And I liked that.

My kind of move.


The Guilt Trip


The Guilt Trip was directed by Anne Fletcher  and released in 2012. The movie stars Barbra Streisand and Seth Rogen, they also were both executive producers on the film.

I found this movie akin to finger nails scraping across a chalkboard. Streisand’s character whines and nags for the entire movie. This movie is not very funny and for the most part it is just sad.